Soul Evolutionist – Karmic Illusions

Beloved Soul in Evolution, We continue our discussion on illusions this week, and I am breaking down the karmic process for you. It is important to understand the karmic process as part of your evolutionary process. You are on a karmic wheel that moves you through lifetime after lifetime, providing opportunities to fulfill desires and […]

What Happens to You When You Meditate

Beloved Soul in Evolution, Thank you for all of your emails this week! I love hearing from you, and am so happy to know you are tracking with these lessons! I would like to address some of the questions I received from you this week regarding meditation. What happens during meditation, and why is it […]

Karma, Soul Choices and Love

Beloved Soul in Evolution, I hope you enjoyed the past few weeks of spiritual support on the road! This week I am talking with you about living from your higher Self, and getting rid of that lower, below-the-five ego self that doesn’t want to do anything that supports its decrease and your soul’s triumph. But, […]