Releasing the Year – Step Three: Hopes and Dreams

Beloved Soul in Evolution, A new week with a new step to release 2013 and prepare ourselves for 2014! In this week’s video, I am covering two steps: Step Three: Hopes and Dreams, and Step Four: Disappointments and Difficulties. Often, these two steps go hand-in-hand. A cherished hope or dream turned into a disappointment or […]

What Is Soul Involution?

Beloved Soul in Evolution, I am so happy to be sharing with you more about a new concept that I have introduced to you before, but I am really spelling it out for you in this video: Soul Involution. As each life has passed, you have made choices as to what skills and talents you […]

Walk through the Door of God Consciousness

Beloved Soul in Evolution, How were your spiritual practices this week? Thank you for your emails, sharing with me your questions and experiences! This week, I have a new picture for you: the Door of God Consciousness. Many spiritual students have asked me why the journey is so slow, and why our healing and awakening […]