Connect with Your Intuition, a Meditation

Beloved Soul in Evolution, This week I bring you another opportunity to center yourself, to connect with all the love you need. As you meditate each day, your ability to connect to your higher Self strengthens and allows you more access to your intuition. You align yourself with that great Life Force which brings new […]

Meditation for Alignment

Beloved Soul in Evolution, As this new year moves forward, are you experiencing your spiritual momentum building as you nurture your connection within? The energy is here to support you! There is a part of you yearning to experience that Cosmic Energy of the Universe. That Energy is ever-present–your responsibility is to tap into it! […]

Uncover Universal Energy

Beloved Soul in Evolution, As the seasons change around me, I am reminded of the Universal Plan for all souls moving forward in their evolutionary process. In the video I chose for this week, I discuss the evolutionary process and how you fit into it. I remember when I first discovered that not only was […]