Going Deeper – Your Soul Wants to Evolve

Beloved Soul in Evolution, You are always evolving and changing, with many opportunities for soul evolution every day. You speed up your soul’s evolution as you embrace those things and people you don’t like! You get to find out more about who you are, and you become able to see others and situations from a […]

Going Deeper: You Are Unlimited as a Spiritual Being!‏

Beloved Soul in Evolution, As you become aligned with your spiritual Self, your life changes! You let go of the ego desires that take your energy from your spiritual life. You find that you get to use all of your gifts for your spiritual alignment, a process worth its weight in gold! Whatever is keeping […]

Going Deeper: Your Evolutionary Journey

Beloved Soul in Evolution, The evolutionary journey requires you to observe yourself, and understand old patterns and release them, peeling away the layers of your subconscious. The whole process of evolution is about finding out who you really are, which means first removing the veils of misconception. This is your responsibility, to do this consciously, […]

Going Deeper in 2016 – Be in Integrity with Your Spiritual Journey

Beloved Soul in Evolution, On this spiritual journey, it is important to always keep yourself on track with what you need to be doing to support your forward movement. When you learn one concept, you have to master it before you will receive a new step to work on. Then you recommit yourself to the […]

Going Deeper: More Support on Becoming the Active Observer of Your Emotions‏

Beloved Soul in Evolution, In this week’s video and journaling questions, I want to share with you more about the importance of the Observer Self in dissolving emotional patterns and making important changes in your soul’s expression. The Observer Self is a piece of equipment that belongs to you and watches over you. It helps […]