Going Deeper: Take Yourself into the Next Dimension of Being

Beloved Soul in Evolution, To detach yourself from outer situations and drama, the ego must be displaced by your soul energy. This doesn’t mean that you are aloof from life! It means that your focus is on the bigger picture, supporting yourself and your family, friends and coworkers. The ego, of course, doesn’t want to […]

Detaching from Emotional Reactions

Beloved Soul in Evolution, How is your Observer Self supporting you? Are you remembering to be the Observer of your actions, the Observer of your thoughts? This is an important tool that belongs to you and helps you master the emotions that will come up on this journey. The more you use it, the stronger […]

Giving All Actions to God

As the new energy from Easter continues to move us forward, we must allow ourselves to blend with our Higher Self.  Our Higher Self that loves, serves and meditates unconditionally, while the ego wants attention for its actions.  As we detach from the results of our actions, we open ourselves to a new consciousness establishing […]