Fan the Fire of Your Desire for God!

God fulfills all desires, and the greatest desire we can have is to know God. Then we can be certain that our desire will be fulfilled.  Action to take: Fan the fire of your desire for God through daily meditation and constant listening within.                                                                   ~ Jane Elizabeth Why Is the Spiritual Path so Important […]

Be Like an Olympian and Go for the Gold!

Your spiritual goal is to establish and recognize that the God within is the most important work you can do to benefit your soul’s evolution this lifetime. Action to take: Commit to your daily spiritual practice.                                                    ~ Jane Elizabeth As the 2012 Summer Olympics in London wind down, the media is saying this has […]

Life Is but a Dream!

Our desires are very important! Desires have energy of their own. They compel us to complete them, they drive us, and are never ending. Each desire demands fulfillment. Since we have free will, God respects our desires and will fulfill them. It is important for us to think over our desires carefully and ask ourselves […]

Listen to Your Soul Calling!

There is a part of us that is connected with the cosmic energy of this universe. As we acknowledge this, and meditate upon this, we are able to magnify and focus this energy into our conscious awareness. Then we are able to discover the true essence of our being.   Action to Take: Meditate with […]

Stand Free in Your True Essence

Each soul must ascertain the truth of his being by becoming consciously aware that God resides within him. This can be done through prayer and meditation practices.                                                          ~ Jane Elizabeth Many of us have found our spiritual progress blocked by an attachment to something in our lives that is toxic to our well being. […]