Going Deeper – Your Desires and Infinite Intelligence

Beloved Soul in Evolution, Desire is the biggest drive for God Consciousness because it compels you to know more about your finite self, and all the way to awakening as Infinite Intelligence. You are finite in the midst of the Infinite. Your journey through the third dimension has grown you into a mature human being, […]

Going Deeper in 2016: How Desires Create Your Lifetimes‏

Beloved Soul in Evolution, As we approach Easter week, and you check in with your Lent commitment, remember that your desire for your spiritual growth is what fuels your movement. Your experiences in each lifetime fulfill and create desires that then carry over into the next lifetime. The purpose of this desire-driven process is many-fold: […]

Going Deeper: Moving Beyond Your Limited Self‏

Beloved Soul in Evolution, Your journey is personal, belonging only to you. I can provide tools, encouragement, and information to support you, but you must go beyond your limited, personal self. Every step you take is giving you the opportunity to learn and practice important experiences on the journey to understanding your whole Self in […]

Generating a Spiritual Desire

Beloved Soul in Evolution, As you have learned, a desire to know your true Self is necessary to move into your next level of consciousness. Take a moment to ponder and review all that you know about this part of your spiritual journey. First, there can often be a defining moment that thrusts you onto […]

Commitment Is the Key

Beloved Soul in Evolution, After you pay attention to your deep desire for more than this third dimensional world, commitment is the next key to taking responsibility for your soul. Once you recognize the importance of generating sufficient desire energy to begin to move your spiritual progress forward, then you must back that aspiration up […]