Going Deeper: More Support on Becoming the Active Observer of Your Emotions‏

Beloved Soul in Evolution, In this week’s video and journaling questions, I want to share with you more about the importance of the Observer Self in dissolving emotional patterns and making important changes in your soul’s expression. The Observer Self is a piece of equipment that belongs to you and watches over you. It helps […]

Observe Yourself and Embrace Your Changes

Beloved Soul in Evolution, In the past few weeks, you have looked more deeply at your spiritual desire and commitment. This week’s video and journaling questions supports you in reinforcing your Observer Self. Being the Observer Self is one of the most powerful ways to change your patterns of thinking, thus changing your consciousness and […]

Observe Yourself and Embrace Your Changes

Beloved Soul in Evolution, Now that you have spent a few weeks experiencing meditation with me and other Soul Evolutionists, how do you see your meditation time differently? Has it inspired you to go deeper, knowing that there are others who want to explore their inner Self like you do? I am sharing this week’s […]

Detaching from Emotional Reactions

Beloved Soul in Evolution, How is your Observer Self supporting you? Are you remembering to be the Observer of your actions, the Observer of your thoughts? This is an important tool that belongs to you and helps you master the emotions that will come up on this journey. The more you use it, the stronger […]